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North For prosperity

Vedas consider North direction as auspicious and bountiful especially for peace and prosperity, obviously as Mercury (the messenger of gods) rules over it bringing intellectual communication, mobility coupled with growth as well as skilful use of learning and understanding. A house, office or factory with openings in the north endows upon its occupants growing business, excellent income and wealth generation, healthy and good female progeny.

North without afflictions in a property induces business and communication skills, financial wizard, healthy relationship, writing proficiency, articulated expression, as well as a peaceful and productive mental disposition. North also ensures a healthy lung, nervous system and solar plexus, on the physical plane. Absence of these attributes may be balanced by introducing in the environment relevant pictures, gems or meditation with the help of relevant mantras.

Firstly, introduction of an active water body will bring instant effect. A picture or figurine of water birds or painting with water dominant depiction will help greatly. Installation of divine gem "Emerald" can be helpful. A mirror of the size 3 ft. x 5 ft. when placed vertically will be excellent on the northern wall. Placement of a Mercury Yantra duly energized on the northern wall and a Sri Yantra on the eastern wall is highly auspicious.

Auspicious plants such as champa and yellow colour flowers in the balcony; and a meditative life-style can add greatly to all around auspices, coupled with healthy academic and career growth of one and all.

When there are more than one serious vaastu dosha, it is appropriate to place an energized "Vastu Dosh Nivarak" yantra on the eastern wall. "Aum Bhur Bhuva Sava Vaastu Devaye Namah" is the meditation mantra for all-compassing remedy for clearing the affliction and introducing positive environment.